Sunday, March 30, 2008

Last Post

This is just to say that I will no longer be posting on this blog. Please visit my fantabulous new blog here Thanks for visiting!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Happy Birthday To Me!

Yes, it's true. Today is my birthday. This year it was a day to celebrate my many not so secret vices. My gifts were as follows:

*starbucks giftcard(for my not so secret coffee addiction)
*a box of Bernard Callebaut(for my not so secret chocolate addiction--if you are not from Calgary you won't understand)
*a lensbaby BABY!!!!(ummm...if you haven't figured this out yet, you haven't really read my blog, but I have a photography addiction....yep...the first step is admitting it. The second step is buying many toys)
*and a BRAND SPANKING NEW BLOG!!!! You read right!!! I have a blogging addiction. I have tried to walk away from the blog, but I can't...I just can't. So, I've pimped mine up! Well, the truth is I didn't do it so much as a beautiful woman named Theresa did. And, it is still in the works a bit so some things might still change(like one day I might figure out how to use my fancy MP3 player), but I have always been like a kid when it comes to new things--I just can't wait to try them on!!!! So, I didn't want to post here any more. It is time to bid farewell. Change your bookmarks and check out the slick new me ;)

Leave a comment because the comment box is the coolest!!! Seriously. (the previous two sentences said with my best '80's teenage girl from the valley accent). And--you can subsribe! Do this because I can also email you secret blog stalker stuff!!! Yay!!!!!

PS--Bob would want me to mention the jewellry he bought me. There I did it! I love it, of course...because those who truly know me know that I have a major jewellry addiction!!!!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Billy Elliott

I'm calling these photos the Billy Elliott series. Don't know Billy Elliott? It is only one of the best movies of all time. Seriously. Somehow these images remind me of it. I had to share.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

Chocolate bunnies, chocolate eggs, jelly beans, all things sweet and wonderful to you today! Happy Easter....

Thursday, March 20, 2008

I love this shot of Georgia laughing...nothing special--just her having a laughing fit in our hotel room in Banff. I thought I'd share a couple of her from that weekend. And, a fun craft to do with your little girls. I LOVE to do crafts with my kids so when I saw this on Tara Whitney's site, I had to post the link here as well:

It's a DIY dollhouse. LOVE IT!!!

So--I am away this weekend as well to do some fun and fab shoots in Edmonton. One is for a 50th wedding anniversary!!! 50 years!!! How is that possible?! I wanted to say that I am booked for March, but I have posted my availability for April and May on my website. May is more booked than April...hmmm...might have something to do with the warmer weather being anticipated!!!! I can't wait for the green grass!!! I still have some decisions to make about June, so I haven't posted that availability yet. One of those is whether I should do some family shoots in Edmonton and what weekend I should do that on...hmmm...any thoughts? Oh...and my new blog is almost ready to be revealed!!! Wait until you see it! I can't wait to share it with you all!
Happy Easter...don't eat too many jelly beans! Who am I kidding? Eat lots!!!!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Chateau Lake Louise

I got to spend the morning there with this lovely family...okay, so this lovely family is a family that I have known for many moons. So, I might be a little biased, but aren't they gorgeous? I actually had a hard time choosing which images to put up in their sneak peek...finally, I have narrowed it down.

I told you...moody black and whites...I am totally into them and this image screamed to be converted into one.

I put this family image up in the post because this family laughs nonstop. That is the best way to be...always taking deep breaths between the laughter. Thanks guys.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Fred and Benjamin

This is is not Fred and Benjamin. Obviously. This is a picture of the people who care for Fred and Benjamin. You know...we often hear stories of animals being treated poorly. This is not one of those stories. Fred and Benjamin are two of the luckiest dogs I have ever met. We hung out at Cascade Ponds on Saturday.

This is Benjamin.

And, this is Fred. Fred and his owner, Lyle, spent a month in Washington state around Christmas...why? Because Fred was sick and his owners are so in love with him that they took him there to receive treatment for cancer. He lost a fair bit of weight in the process, but is now on the mend. How lucky is he to have owners who care that much for him? I mean, it's hard not to love him...he is pretty darn cute. Drooly, but cute.

I have often heard it said that families come in all shapes and sizes. Isn't this a wonderful example of that?

Sunday, March 16, 2008

I've Been A Lazy Blogger Lately

I feel badly for my loyal blog readers who followed me through my San Francisco images only to hit a dead end! Fear not! I have not forgot you! I may have been a lazy blogger but that is only because I have been a busy photographer! This is a new favorite and a sneak peek of a sneak peek to come later in the week. The card is uploading as we speak--so this is truly hot off the presses! A little treat to keep you all in the loop! I only wish you could see it bigger as I added a beautiful and subtle texture which is lost on the internet. Alas...

And, expect more black and whites from me as I have been on a black and white spree lately.

Bye, bye mountains...hello reality...stay tuned...